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Dan hill plast a/s

You can write to us at Dan hill plast a/s at dhp@dhp.dk  if you need an experienced plastic manufacturer. You can also call us on phone +45 75 68 72 00. You are of course always welcome at our plastic factory.

Staff development

As an employee of Dan hill plast a/s, you will be given the opportunity to keep learning throughout your entire career since the company’s ability to face future challenges depends on its investment in the development and training of its employees.

As an employee of Dan hill plast a/s you will be given great responsibility at an early stage of your employment. We believe that responsibility contributes to motivating and inspiring people, and we will offer you the best professional and managerial development opportunities.

At the same time, we encourage job rotation, which contributes to ensuring continuous learning and understanding, as well as challenging work content.

We believe that you are the person who is best qualified to choose your own career and define your personal needs for training. However, the management has the obligation to support employees through feedback and coaching, as well as career development interviews concerning specific accomplishments and potential.

​Contact information

Dan hill plast a/s

Hornsyld Industrivej 37

8783 Hornsyld​

Telephone: +45 75 68 72 00

Fax: +45 75 68 72 40

E-mail: dhp@dhp.dk​

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