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Dan hill plast a/s

You can write to us at Dan hill plast a/s at dhp@dhp.dk  if you need an experienced plastic manufacturer. You can also call us on phone +45 75 68 72 00. You are of course always welcome at our plastic factory.

Management policy​

​Our customers must meet high quality and professionalism in all forms of contact with the employees. The products produced in our factories must be at the customers expected quality level and delivered in full and on time.

Good quality starts with the attitude of each employee. There-fore we will hire and develop employees with will-power and ability to keep a high level of quality in their work. We shall be an attractive employer with possibilities of personal development and well-being for all of our employees globally. We will continuously seek to retain and recruit employees who are at risk of exclusion from the Labor market. We will secure a good work environment and also meet our obligations to reduce accidents and work-related illness.

Our Management System is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and is anchored in our core values. The core values are based upon credibility, commitment and long-term relationships, which we are dedicated to pursue in all aspects of the business.

Our Management System must in a clear way document the coordination between the processes within the company. Close cooperation and sufficient communication between customers, suppliers and employees must secure that we always propose and supply the optimum solution to our customer needs.

We are committed to deliver the product according to the agreed specifications and on time. Delivery and quality performance must meet stipulated targets.

Potential quality shortcomings will be predicted and obviated by detailed planning of new projects and ongoing monitoring and analysis of data. We will work systematically by collecting feedback and utilizing and learning from experience gained.

The effectiveness of the Management System will be continuously improved to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and value creation. We will establish and pursue concrete, challenging improvement targets in all functions and at all organizational levels.

The Management System will incorporate sound business principles and be continuously streamlined and simplified both technically and administratively.

We will analyze our environmental and working environmental impact through a systematic mapping.

We must know and respect local law, legal requirements from authorities and general industry standard within environment, health and safety. We will prevent pollution and create environmental improvements through an implemented and certified management system in respect to ISO 14001.

We will sort waste in an effective way, where materials are reused to the greatest extent. Non re-useable materials will be discarded safely and in an environmental correct way.

We will be able to advice customers about our products and processes in respect to environment.

When investing in processes, we will seek to use cleaner technology and better working environment to the greatest extent wherever possible within the financial frames.

We will openly communicate its policy to the public, stakeholders and other persons who work for and on behalf of the company. Furthermore, we will educate all employees, so they are able to act according to this policy.

​Contact information

Dan hill plast a/s

Hornsyld Industrivej 37

8783 Hornsyld​

Telephone: +45 75 68 72 00

Fax: +45 75 68 72 40

E-mail: dhp@dhp.dk​

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