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Dan hill plast a/s

You can write to us at Dan hill plast a/s at dhp@dhp.dk  if you need an experienced plastic manufacturer. You can also call us on phone +45 75 68 72 00. You are of course always welcome at our plastic factory.

What is rotational moulding?

Dan hill plast a/s offers various solutions for rotational molding of plastic. The plastic parts can be reworked either by CNC machining or with manual processing. We procure special machines and automated processes with robots, in the case of larger projects for customers.

Rotational molding is used for hollow parts of almost all imaginable sizes and shapes. Technical developments have made it possible to treat the surface, so the plastic goods can be used for different purposes and appear with a nice touch.

The advantages of rotational molding in particular is that one can construct the product with embedded elements, and that there is low mould cost compared to other plastic production methods, making the process suitable for series 200-3000 parts per mould per year.

The factory has machines with a capacity up to nearly 6000L, where the plastic part can be up to 4.5 meters long.'

See examples of different items produced in "Case Gallery".

Purchasing and Logistics when rotational molding

It is agreed individually with our customers what the best solution is, based on their needs and wishes.

In projects where assemply is required, the customer can deliver the parts which we will then mount on or with the finished plastic part, but Dan Hill Plast can also be the responsible of purchasing and logistics of the required extra parts.

Our mould and tooling department, which is staffed with skilled and experienced employees, manufactures moulds for rotational moulding in-house.

Contact us if you need a plastic producer

​You can write to Dan Hill Plast A/S on dhp@dhp.dk, if you need an experienced plastic producer who can create your rotational moulded product. You can also call +4575 68 72 00or come visit the factory.

​Contact information

Dan hill plast a/s

Hornsyld Industrivej 37

8783 Hornsyld​

Telephone: +45 75 68 72 00

Fax: +45 75 68 72 40

E-mail: dhp@dhp.dk​

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